First Aid Instructor Course

The First Aid Instructor Course

Consists of 1 session (5 hrs.) either during the day or evening to complete a skills assessment. Upon successful completion, candidates will complete another 4 full days (each day 8hrs) for a total of 40 hours of classroom training. This course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to facilitate Red Cross core courses and to learn the best teaching strategies and learning styles to achieve the fundamental goal of creating confidence and competence among participants to act in an emergency situation.


All dates and times must be attended

  • Skills Assessment - (5 hrs)
  • Day 1 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
  • Day 2 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
  • Day 3 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)
  • Day 4 (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)


$500.00+ gst/hst Bring a friend: $475.00 + gst/hst (per person)


$450.00+ gst/hst

Workplace / Group

$450.00+ gst/hst Groups must consist of 5 - 8 participants
Price listed is for each person


Instructor Candidates must have, prior to taking the instructor course, a current Canadian Red Cross certification card in Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (Level HCP. Having STRONG first aid skills PRIOR to classroom training is a crucial component in overall training and success rates. This is why we screen all candidate’s skills before granting them access into the Instructor Course.

Special Offer to all Heart to Heart instructor candidates

Heart to Heart allows ALL instructor candidates FREE participation in any FULL courses or RECERT courses in Standard First Aid CPR level HCP at any location PRIOR to your skills assessment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Following a successful skills assessment, the Instructor Trainer will provide Red Cross Instructor Materials. They will provide pre-course assignments and activities along with two first aid topics to be presented to the class on Day 1 and 2 of the course. Additional assignments and presentations will be provided for Day 3 and 4 of the course at the discretion of theInstructor Trainer.

During the Course Support

Heart to Heart will make available to all candidates a direct line of communication with the Instructor Trainer and/or any of our Supervising Instructors in the case candidates have questions, comments or concerns regarding the course or assignments. We are here to help candidates and make this experience an enjoyable and successful one. We can provide support in many ways.

First Aid Instructor Training Courses

Training Course for First Aid Instructors

Instructors’ Training Course for First Aid


Following the in-class component of the course, successful candidates are required to compete an OBSERVATION (shadowing a supervising instructor) of a full Standard First Aid & CPR/AED (level HCP) course. The observation will allow candidates to get their feet wet and ease them into taking center stage. Regardless of their experience in first aid or teaching, the OBSERVE will allow them to see the entire course put together. This will require candidates to provide light teaching, organizing group activities, running scenarios and/or providing feedback. The Supervising Instructor will gradually incorporate candidates into the training while they observe how the Supervising Instructor delivers the entire course. Following the observation, the last and final step, is the official CO-TEACH (candidates are required to co-teach at LEAST 50% of the course with a supervising instructor). Candidates will ultimately teach entire sections of the course on their own. They will be evaluated based on a number of criteria found on the co-teach form provided by your Instructor Trainer. On this form the Instructor Trainer may provide the topics to teach…if not the Supervising Instructor will assign the topics. We strive to allow 2 weeks of preparation for co-teaches and will provide any audio-visual aids or props for required for the candidates.

Candidates are now part of an ongoing team with Heart to Heart!
We welcome all new and existing Red Cross instructors

Congratulations and welcome to our Red Cross Instructor team! Any NEW and EXISTING instructors will be part of a team of Red Cross Instructors where Heart to Heart will provide ONGOING support and resources. This special service will be promoted on our website along with an invitation to participate in an active group on Facebook of Red Cross Instructors. This support system is for ANY Red Cross instructor regardless of whether or not they took their training with us. We will provide them with direct lines of communication with our Instructor Trainers, Supervising Instructors and even the Director/CEO of Heart to Heart. We will helpinstructors along the way with anything they need to make their courses the best they can be. We will even provide instructors with a phone number they can text DURING a course if they require assistance. Questions can be first aid related, administration related, lesson plan related or even to get advice on how to handle a certain situation that occurred in a course. Having instructor support in real-time is a special feature we provide here at Heart to Heart. We love doing it! We will also help candidates find their way through the Instructor Network Website or fill them in on resources available to them through the Red Cross website. We will invite all instructors to attend a bi-annual skills practice session where our best instructors set up mock emergency scenarios where instructors can practice or watch. Candidates will also be given a platform through our Facebook Group to share ideas or stories about in-class experiences or anything they feel worth sharing to their peers. Perhaps they had a student that was difficult or challenging and wanted feedback, or they overcame an obstacle while teaching and wanted to discuss their experience, or perhaps they want to get other instructors feedback on ideas for learner-centered activities on a particular topic. The opportunities are endless within a strong network of amazing people.

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